Posted by: Krys | December 22, 2009

9 Months

E is 9 months old!  There isn’t much this child can’t do these days.

She just loves to play with this remote.  Well, all remotes, actually.  She even knows that it’s supposed to work the television, and she holds it above her head with both her hands.  Of course, she doesn’t actually point it at the TV, but it’s still cute to watch.  The photo above was taken moments after I told E to “give Mommy the remote”.

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Posted by: Krys | November 24, 2009

A Beautiful Day

It has cooled off significantly in the Midwest, and I’ve been spending lots of time indoors, looking through photos of my darling little girl – like the ones below. These reminded me of a beautiful afternoon we spent outside early this fall, when E was around 6 months old.

E proved to be quite the little nature lover.  Just look at those inquisitive eyes!

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Posted by: Krys | November 14, 2009

8 Months

E is 8 months old!

These pictures are from a recent trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa S.  Grandpa S raked a nice pile of leaves so that E could enjoy a great Fall experience.  Her cousins, H & L, really helped her feel comfortable with the new experience.  L in particular was a great influence on her!  As you can see, they all had a fantastic time playing in the pile their grandpa raked for them! Read More…

Posted by: Krys | November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

What a FUN Halloween! It was our first day back from Seattle (where I was working for 2 weeks, and E’s daddy was on 24-hour baby duty), and we barely made it out, but what fun we had when we did!

E was Tinkerbell, and as you will see from these pictures, she made a GREAT little Tink!   The hat isn’t part of the costume, but it was a cold day, so the warmth was needed.  I think it added a little something fun to the outfit, so it ended up in many of the photos.

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Posted by: Krys | November 3, 2009


E is a master riverdancer. After a bath one day (which she just loves, by the way – all the splishing and splashing of it all just delights her), she was enjoying kicking around in the water. I pulled her out, and she was getting mad about it, so I showed her herself in the mirror, dangling above the sink. She got so excited, her little legs just started flailing around like crazy. I could see her clearly in the mirror, and I SWEAR she was doing a little Irish jig. So, I told the girls at daycare the next day. They laughed politely, and said that was cute. Then, the next afternoon when I picked her up, they were all like “OH MY GOD – WE SAW HER RIVERDANCE TODAY, AND IT IS HILARIOUS!” Unfortunately for all of you, I don’t have it on video.

Posted by: Krys | October 30, 2009

7 Months

Is it simply by virtue of having a child that your sense of time speeds up? I can’t believe that we have gone from recapping month 6 to recapping month 7 (very nearly month 8, really) already! Yet, here we are, 2-1/2 weeks past E’s 7 month birthday. It’s crazy, how fast she’s growing up!

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Posted by: Krys | September 26, 2009

6 Months

E is 6 months old (actually, she’s closer to 7 months, but since I’m so busy right now, it’s taken me a loooonnnng time to write this post, and we’re going to pretend she’s only 6 months old).

In the past month, E has learned how to crawl, sit unassisted, pull to a standing position, eat puffs, put her pacifier in her own mouth, and make consonant sounds.  Oh, yeah, and she learned how to drive, too.

Just kidding.  We only taught her how to park the car.

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Posted by: Krys | September 26, 2009

Oh, my. She’s crawling.

E has officially started to crawl.  Now, bear with me, here.  She’s not all coordinated yet, but she’s definitely crawling.  Her grandma tried to tell her that what she was doing WASN’T crawling, and here’s what she thought of that:

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Posted by: Krys | September 4, 2009

Illness (or not)

My sweet little E has been sent home from daycare a couple times in the past couple weeks for exhibiting symptoms of illness.  While I appreciate that the daycare workers are protecting the other babies in her “class”, both times, E has been fine.

The first time she was sent home was for a rash that had cropped up on her arms and legs.  I suspected that the rash was due to a reaction from unusual detergent (we had stayed with friends in Indiana the weekend prior).  We were required to take her to a doctor to determine if the rash was contagious, though.  Even the doctor thought the requirement was silly, given the mild appearance of the rash (no raised bumps), the absence of a fever, and the fact that she did not appear to be bothered by the rash at all. Read More…

Posted by: Krys | August 26, 2009

Organizing the Diaper Bag

Five short months ago, my daughter joined the world.  Since then, I’ve learned that unless I’m extremely organized, I’m going to get beat by this whole mothering thing.  Something that no one tells you before you have kids: you get really stoopid (yep, that’s stoopid with 2 O’s) when you have a baby!

I chalk it up to being exhausted.  Exhausted people have not historically been known for their keen powers of thinking.  Where once I was a smart, thinking woman of a certain intelligence, I am now a quivering blob of amoebic goo.

Therefore, I have developed certain areas of no-thought-required organization to help me and E’s daddy care for her (yes, he’s been struck stoopid, too).  Take her diaper bags, for example. Read More…

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