Posted by: Krys | March 13, 2010

12 Months (Birthday Girl!)

Ta-da!  E is one!  12 months old.  A year has gone by.  What a year, too!  She is one amazing little girl.

She can make kissy-faces now.

She carries a purse, too.

She’s even asked for her own cell phone, in a way.  She grabs the closest thing and pretends she’s on the phone.  In this photo, she’s using a video camera.

She’s even used a cracker as a phone!  Not sure how good the reception was, but she seemed happy enough with the service.  (E did get a toy cell phone for her birthday – it’s one of her absolute favorite things!)

Over the past month, she has gotten better at many of the things she was doing at 11 months.  She can actually spear things with her little fork now (when the mood strikes her, that is), and she’s quite adept at using a spoon.  She still prefers her hands over utensils, though, and mealtimes are still VERY messy.

Speaking of messy mealtimes – E’s birthday party was a blast!  She ate her smash cake with a fork, the dainty thing, until her grandma showed her that her hands would be faster, and then voilà!  Cake face!

I’ll wrap up with a photo spread from the party.  Thank you to everyone who was able to join us!



  1. OMGoodness!! what a cute party! Thats Emma for sure! I bet she had the best birthday ever! Still wish I could have had her little kindercare version!

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