Posted by: Krys | January 13, 2010

10 Months

E continues to refine her technique on all things Baby.  According to her daycare teachers, she’s got the coordination of a much older child.  Daycare is doing wonders for her – she often interacts with older children, and I really think she watches them and learns from them every day.

Her motor skills are surprising.  E’s grandpa (my dad) thinks we should enroll her in sports as early as possible to take advantage of it.  Her strength and coordination certainly do make her a formidable little kid.

She’s also extremely inquisitive.  Very curious about the texture, size, shape and feel of things.  She’s always exploring our house, and as long as she has her pacifier in her mouth, we’re relatively safe from everything going straight down her throat (don’t panic, we’ve thoroughly babyproofed, honest).

The mobility she found last month (AKA kitchen-chair-as-walking-device) gives her the opportunity to explore all corners of the house, which means that she’s more independent than she had been previously.  Although I’m always paying attention to her, I don’t always stay in the same room as E.  I want her to feel as though she’s able to be by herself, and let me tell you – she rarely misses me.  When she does need someone, she will come and find me!  It’s really cool to see her developing in this way.

Speaking of developing, have I mentioned that E has FOUR teeth now?  Her bottom front two teeth have been around for a while (about 2 months), but now she has two top teeth, too!  They’re still on their way in, but she likes to show them off. See?

E has begun to realize that the dogs are on the floor waiting impatiently for her to be done with her meal (I always give the dogs anything that falls into the seat of the highchair after E’s done eating).  Once she figured that out, it was only seconds before she realized that she could make them scamper around noisily (to her great delight) by dropping food on the floor.

So now the routine at mealtime is one bite for E, one for the dogs, one for E, one for the dogs.  And, later in the meal, one bite for E, a handful for the dogs, one bite for E, two handfuls for the dogs…  That’s when we know she’s done.  I’d get mad if she wasn’t giggling so much.  It’s hard to discipline a girl THAT happy.

And BATH TIME!  What FUN!  E is definitely a water baby.  She takes great joy in splashing her way through a bath.  We have moved her into the big bathtub because the baby tub couldn’t hold enough water (we kept having to refill it, she splashed so much)!

I tried to select the least revealing photos, but I absolutely had to share some of these – they’re just too fun!


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