Posted by: Krys | December 22, 2009

9 Months

E is 9 months old!  There isn’t much this child can’t do these days.

She just loves to play with this remote.  Well, all remotes, actually.  She even knows that it’s supposed to work the television, and she holds it above her head with both her hands.  Of course, she doesn’t actually point it at the TV, but it’s still cute to watch.  The photo above was taken moments after I told E to “give Mommy the remote”.

And, how about THIS face:

My daughter is a Ham (with a capital “H”).  She pulls this face just about every time the camera comes out.  We call it her “stinker face”.   Like she just smelled something stinky.  E’s daddy sometimes refers to it as “Popeye”.  Heehee!

C’mon – how can a mom be expected to resist this little girl?  She’s nothing if not absolutely delightful.  I mean, seriously – peeking at me from behind her snack bowl?  Priceless.  Makes me want to eat HER up!

OK, so what can Little E do these days?  She is cruising furniture like a pro.  Any moment now, she’s going to spring forth and actually walk on her own.  I just know it!  For now, though, she’s using kitchen chairs for support.

She pushes them all over the house.  And, don’t think for a moment that she lets anything stand in her way.  Come upon something heavy?  E just keeps on pushing!  We’ll find strange things all over the house from where she just kept right on moving!  She’s VERY strong for her size (which is 75th percentile for height, 25th percentile for weight). Small but Mighty, that’s my E!

Oh, and cute.  Small but Mighty and Cute.  Or, did I mention cute already?  I forget.

So, ANYWAY, other than being completely mobile, E is just continuing to perfect all of the things she already does.  She identifies her bottles as “ba”, her dogs and daddy as “da”, and her mommy just gets a big smile.  It’s kind of funny, actually.  She “talks” to me more than she talks to her daddy, but she doesn’t talk ABOUT me to anyone.  Wonder what that’s all about…


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