Posted by: Krys | November 24, 2009

A Beautiful Day

It has cooled off significantly in the Midwest, and I’ve been spending lots of time indoors, looking through photos of my darling little girl – like the ones below. These reminded me of a beautiful afternoon we spent outside early this fall, when E was around 6 months old.

E proved to be quite the little nature lover.  Just look at those inquisitive eyes!

See how happy E is to be outside? Her daddy was working on the shed, and she and I just had a blast hanging out on the quilt, playing with her toys, feeling the grass, watching bees fly around, and talking to our neighbor, too!

She really seems to love this little beach ball. In my head, I hear her saying “oh, beach ball, don’t ever leave me!”.  You hear now it too, don’t you!!!

This one might be my favorite of all of these pictures. She was DRAWN to the grass. So cool and smooth on her fingers. Such a bright, inviting green. Just look at the determination on her little face!

She would rush over to the edge of the quilt to grab handfuls of the grass, and a couple times, she put the handful right into her mouth – AAAACK!  Most of the time, though, she’d look at it in her fingers, roll it around in her chubby little hand, and then I’d make her drop it all before she could eat it.

Such a wonderful, exciting age.  This girl just brings such joy to our family.  What a blessing.


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