Posted by: Krys | November 14, 2009

8 Months

E is 8 months old!

These pictures are from a recent trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa S.  Grandpa S raked a nice pile of leaves so that E could enjoy a great Fall experience.  Her cousins, H & L, really helped her feel comfortable with the new experience.  L in particular was a great influence on her!  As you can see, they all had a fantastic time playing in the pile their grandpa raked for them!

So, on to the update: at 8 months old, E is a precocious little thing.  She’s mobile, chatty, friendly, cheerful, willful and stubborn, all at once.

E has developed a peculiar crawling technique that incorporates one bent knee (standard crawl style) and one straight knee (swung at the hip to the side), and is unlike any crawl I’ve seen before.  She uses this technique to great effect, however, and she’s a FAST little crawler!

She still loves to pull herself up into a standing position, and can shuffle from side to side while hanging on to something stable.  She also is able to walk if someone holds her upright.  Her balance is WAY off, though, so I think real walking is still a few months away.

She’s developing her consonant sounds now, and loves to babble.  She clearly says “Ma”, “Da” and “Ba” on a regular basis, though “Ma” is her current favorite (last week it was “Ba”).  Just this week she actually said “Ma-Mee”, though I know it wasn’t in reference to me.  Still, it was a thrill to hear!

E understands a lot of words, too, including her name, “open wide”, “let go” and “bye bye”.  I’m trying to teach her sign language, but something tells me that she’ll talk long before I’m able to really teach her any real signs!  We’re just not consistent enough with the signs to have an impact on her.  The ones I’m best about using are “drink”, “milk”, “eat”, “more” and “all done”.

E’s favorite toys are her blocks and mommy’s big wooden spoons.  She loves to hold the big spoons, and sometimes uses them as drumsticks, though really, that’s secondary to simply hanging on to them.  She actually will stack the blocks, which seems “advanced” to me.  I think that’s a normal thing for babies her age, though.  Perhaps it only seems advanced because I can’t believe she’s 8 months old already?


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