Posted by: Krys | November 3, 2009


E is a master riverdancer. After a bath one day (which she just loves, by the way – all the splishing and splashing of it all just delights her), she was enjoying kicking around in the water. I pulled her out, and she was getting mad about it, so I showed her herself in the mirror, dangling above the sink. She got so excited, her little legs just started flailing around like crazy. I could see her clearly in the mirror, and I SWEAR she was doing a little Irish jig. So, I told the girls at daycare the next day. They laughed politely, and said that was cute. Then, the next afternoon when I picked her up, they were all like “OH MY GOD – WE SAW HER RIVERDANCE TODAY, AND IT IS HILARIOUS!” Unfortunately for all of you, I don’t have it on video.


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