Posted by: Krys | October 30, 2009

7 Months

Is it simply by virtue of having a child that your sense of time speeds up? I can’t believe that we have gone from recapping month 6 to recapping month 7 (very nearly month 8, really) already! Yet, here we are, 2-1/2 weeks past E’s 7 month birthday. It’s crazy, how fast she’s growing up!

My little girl seems to want to grow up in a hurry, even without the whole time speeding up thing. She moved from baby food to solid foods in the blink of an eye!  She now eats bits of chicken, wheat bread, Cheerios, apples, bananas, pears and tortillas, too!  And, because she’s a big girl now, she prefers to feed herself, rather than to be fed.  The good news is that expensive baby food is on the outs, and cheaper fresh food is IN!  The bad news is that she’s not a precisely tidy eater, so she produces a very messy dining area and an even messier baby, once she’s done eating!

E is also an accomplished sitter, crawler, kneeler, and stander.  She can pull herself up to a standing position and sit back down again without assistance.  She loves to play with her toys on her quilt, and finds great joy in learning a new trick (like banging things together to produce loud noises).

Because she’s so mobile, we are planning out how to babyproof the house.  Oh, yes, that does mean that we haven’t babyproofed yet.

We’re the world’s worst parents, I know.  But, but, but – we don’t let her out of our sight, and she’s not allowed to crawl anywhere unless strictly supervised.  I feel a bit bad about that, since she is SO curious and SO smart, and I think that she could do really well on her own, if only the house wasn’t a minefield for a baby her age.  There are so many things she could pull on top of herself, so many outlets she could electrocute herself with, so many blind cords she could hang herself on.  We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Help me out here!  What kinds of things did you babyproof that really didn’t need babyproofing?  What should you have babyproofed that you didn’t?



  1. We didn’t do the toilet things, we just put phone books on the toilets until they weren’t curious about those. We did have to take off lots of toilet paper and just set it by the toilet (up high).

    We did have one room fully babyproofed and gated. We did all the electrical plugs and we removed all lamps they could grab.

    We used rubber bands to close cabinet doors in the kitchen along with yard sticks for drawers that they liked to get into but left open the tupperware and pots and pans so they could play in those.

    We got cheap wooden baby gates (Evenflo) from Wal-mart that I could give you if you lived closer.

    We put blankets over hard edges like coffee tables and the brick fireplace seat thing so they wouldn’t injure themselves on those.

    We are just getting to remove MOST of the babyproofing now (I think) but will probably leave the electrical plugs and install some new latches on our kitchen drawers in a few key spots as we have a new kitchen.

    You need to leave a few things out for them to get into that aren’t breakable. We have some books and non breakable knick knacks out but not much as I get tired of putting it all away.

  2. I think lots of parents do this! We have been PLANNING to baby proof for the past few months but haven’t yet. Charlie just turned six months and is now scoot crawling backwards, so it’s only a matter of time. Until we baby proof, he’s just always supervised during floor time, like you said.

    I’m enjoying the monthly updates!

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