Posted by: Krys | September 4, 2009

Illness (or not)

My sweet little E has been sent home from daycare a couple times in the past couple weeks for exhibiting symptoms of illness.  While I appreciate that the daycare workers are protecting the other babies in her “class”, both times, E has been fine.

The first time she was sent home was for a rash that had cropped up on her arms and legs.  I suspected that the rash was due to a reaction from unusual detergent (we had stayed with friends in Indiana the weekend prior).  We were required to take her to a doctor to determine if the rash was contagious, though.  Even the doctor thought the requirement was silly, given the mild appearance of the rash (no raised bumps), the absence of a fever, and the fact that she did not appear to be bothered by the rash at all.

Yesterday, she was sent home because the facility staff thought E had pink eye.  She had a puffy eye with goopy green discharge in the morning, but we took her to daycare anyway.  E’s daddy explained the sitch to E’s caretaker, and she was allowed to stay.  They monitored her eyes, and at some point decided that they’d wiped away too much gunk, and she had to go.

Here’s where I get a little peeved.  E’s eye was not red.  She was not rubbing it.  She wasn’t exhibiting any signs of pink eye, other than goopy green gunk (which I think is from a cold she caught AT DAYCARE).  But, we were required to come pick her up immediately and consult a doctor, AND E couldn’t return for at least 24 hours, unless seen by a doctor and cleared.  The doctor wouldn’t even see her because it didn’t sound like pink eye!

I’m trying to see this from both sides (they’re potentially protecting other kids by sending E home, and I’d be mad if they didn’t protect Little E from other sick kids), but it’s tough.  What qualifications do they have to diagnose pink eye?  Or decide that a rash looks bad enough to warrant a 24-hour ban?

For now, I’m just a bit frustrated.  My mom’s happy though.  She’s got a fun, funky baby to hang out with for the day.  Lucky grandma.


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