Posted by: Krys | August 20, 2009

5 Months

Thanks, Aunt Pat for this quilt!

My E is now 5 months old.  Last month I commented that I couldn’t believe she was already 4 months old, and *poof* we’re here at month 5!

She is a force to be reckoned with now.  She eats rice cereal for breakfast every morning.  She has positively mastered the flip-over (and her favorite place to do it is on the changing table – GASP!).  She even gets up on her hands and knees!  Though, to be fully honest, she’s only done that a couple times, and if she wants to go anywhere, she still scoots around on her face (she pushes with her feet, and uses her face where other babies use their hands).

We can tell that her brain is developing, too.  She is able to remember things that she has done in certain areas of the house. Her daddy takes her out on the screen porch, and she remembers that there is a wind chime out there that she likes.

She loves to watch her dogs run around the house – she’ll squeal and kick her feet, waving her arms around wildly (so, so cute). She gets a kick out of her cat when he deigns to show himself, too, though he doesn’t elicit such a fantastic response as the dogs.

E recently had a little photo shoot in the backyard for her daddy. He needed some pics of infants in nature, and we used E as a subject. We had no idea she’d be such a WILLING subject. The pictures came out really well, I think.

<– I love this one in particular.  The concentration on her face while she reaches out for a flower she’s already holding is just precious.

It’s as if she’s saying “I just KNOW I can grab that pretty flower”, not realizing that she already has it!

It’s similar to the face she has in the picture with the bouquet (below) – such excitement over the new textures, colors and smells!

We still haven’t caught any photos of her latest trick – blowing raspberries.  Sticking her tongue out and everything! She sprays the universe with saliva while doing it, but it’s SO worth it. Too fun! I’ll post one when we finally catch it. Oh, and I have a couple GREAT pics of her making funny faces. I’ll have to put those up in a fun post soon.



  1. She’s beautiful! It’s fun reading these and seeing what we have to look forward to.

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