Posted by: Krys | June 23, 2009

Father’s Day, 2009

Our first Father’s Day as a family! We had a great time – Daddy had the fantastic idea of heading to a state park just a couple hours away for a hike and a picnic (Starved Rock State Park, in Utica, IL, along the Vermillion River).

Yeah, I'm not the best self-portraitist. p.s. Don't be misled by the scenery in the background - that's actually Snoqualmie Falls, WA on the umbrella!


Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas, and we ended up hiking in the rain and skipping the picnic. We were all disappointed by the lack of picnic (we’d packed a GREAT one), but the hiking was just super.

It was just overcast when we arrived at the park, but within 15 minutes it was raining lightly, and throughout our visit, it began raining harder and harder.  We were smart enough to have brought 2 umbrellas (for SUN, if you can believe it!), so everyone was covered, and we decided to go ahead with our visit.

We climbed to the top of Starved Rock (they have stairs, to make it easy), hiked to French Canyon and Pontiac Canyon, and then back to the car.  The canyons sound majestic, but they’re quite small in reality.  Beautiful, but petite.  (Like me! HA!)

E with her Daddy

We drove back in some yucky traffic, and we were all really tired, but the trip was a success overall, and Daddy said he loved the day.

On Monday, I caught this picture of E with her Daddy – you can see how smiley they both are.  Pretty sure they’re just happy to be dry again.



  1. In the first picture, it would seem that E is looking at Daddy and wanting to say, “Daddy, it’s raining out. Why, oh why, are we out of doors? Are you mentally unstable?”

    • kapgar, yes – I think you’re right! That must have been what she was thinking.

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