Posted by: Krys | June 19, 2009

3 Months

I skipped E’s 2-Month birthday on here, purely on accident.  So, this post contains both her 2- and 3-month pictures.  Officially, she’s 14 weeks old now.

E, 2 Months

E, 2 Months

Her temperament hasn’t changed much. She’s still a reliably cheerful, adorable, sweet little girl. She smiles a LOT, loves to babble to her mobiles, still enjoys watching ceiling fans, and giggles beautifully when sung to. She has started to protest a bit when she gets sleepy. “Too much to take in! Want to see it all! Don’t want to miss anything! zzzzzzzzzzz…”

E, 3 Months

E, 3 Months

She is handling daycare very well.  They seem to love her over there, which is hardly surprising, right?  She gets a kick out of watching the bigger kids play.  I think she knows she’ll be one of them soon, and she’s taking mental notes on how to work each toy and book.  She’s a wily one, my E.

She can stand with very little help.  I mean really stand.  Not the kind of standing where I hold her up and her feet dangle, barely touching the ground.  Nope – she’s standing up and I’m just keeping her from tipping over.  It’s amazing.  She’s going to be walking before we know what hit us.  In fact, I think she might skip crawling entirely.  We’ll see.  Maybe daycare will help with this one, and she’ll crawl a bit first.

Well, that’s my update on E.  She’s sleeping as I write this.  All by herself.  In her crib.


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