Posted by: Krys | June 16, 2009

Organized Morning Routine

I am not a morning person.  I don’t like to get out of bed before it is absolutely necessary.  And, with a new baby (she’s just three months old, now), sleep is even more important than ever before.

In order to eek out a few extra moments in bed each morning, I created a plan for how mornings would go after I started back to work, now that E is here.

I was inspired by this post by Mandi at Organizing Your Way to share my morning routine.

  • 5:15am – Wake. Get E up and start feeding her.  Daddy gets straight to showering and dressing himself.
  • 5:30am – Finish up feeding, and put E back in crib, to await Daddy.
  • 5:30am – Daddy dresses E in the outfit I laid out the night before and takes her downstairs.  He also lets the pups out and gets them fed.
  • 5:45am – I shower and get dressed, make the bed and head downstairs.
  • 6:15am – I grab E’s bottles (washed and filled with Mama milk the night before) and pop them into the bottle carrier for Daddy.  Daddy’s usually changing E’s diaper around now.
  • 6:20am – I fill out E’s day care form for the day (an update on how her night went, and whether she’ll need any special care today), and pop it into the bottle carrier for Daddy.  I also get the freezer packs into the pump’s bottle caddy to keep the pumped milk cold and fresh all day.  Daddy’s usually taking stuff to his car around now.
  • 6:25am – I pour myself a glass of chocolate milk, eat a granola bar and take my daily vitamin.  Daddy gets E into her carseat.
  • 6:30am – Everyone is out the door!  Daddy takes E to daycare, and I head straight to work.

Possibly the most important part of our morning routine is everything we handle the night before.

  • We wash the day’s bottles, fill them with breastmilk, label them for daycare;
  • wash the storage bottles for the pump and put them back into their storage case;
  • put the freezer packs from the pump storage case back into the freezer to re-freeze for the next day; and
  • select E’s outfit and lay it out with any accessories like socks or bibs.   I also pick out my own outfit.
  • Oh, and Daddy makes his lunch.

Now, were it not for this routine, where everyone has their assignments, I think we could easily forget a lot of what we need to do each morning.  Neither of us are fully conscious until much later in the day.  But, this routine has proven very sound, and we haven’t forgotten anything, yet!

Oh, I know things will change the moment E becomes mobile, and again when she starts voicing her own opinions of things.  But, that’s where that evening routine will become even more important.  For example, by picking out E’s outfit the night before, we’ll hopefully avoid “what to wear” discussions each morning.

What routines do you have in place to get you out the door in the morning?  What have you had to change as your infant became a toddler?



  1. WTG on developing such an awesome routine! I am very jealous of how much Daddy help you receive also. You are very fortunate.

    • Thank you, Suzanne! I am very blessed that my husband wants to be so involved in the raising of our daughter. He is a huge help in the morning!

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