Posted by: Krys | May 15, 2009

First Flights

E on the plane

E on the plane

E’s first trip on an airplane happened a couple weeks ago.  We took her to Miami to meet my mom’s side of the family.

Since she’s so young, we didn’t have to buy a seat for her (you have to buy a seat once they turn 2).  However, on both flights there was a seat available in our row, so we were able to bring her carseat on board.  If there hadn’t been a seat, we would have had to hold her.  We really lucked out!

She did phenomenally well on the way to Miami.  She only cried when we started our descent, and when we gave her a bottle, she took it and quieted down right away.  We were so proud of her!  Normally, she’s breastfed, so I wasn’t sure she’d take the bottle.

While we were in Miami, she charmed everyone she met (of course).  She’s such a good baby!!  It was a great trip, though really short. We did get pictures of her with all of her family, and our friends, in Miami.

On the way back, she didn’t do quite as well as the first flight, but still, she was pretty good.  She wouldn’t take the bottle, so during the descent, she cried a lot.  We apologized to the passengers around us, but those who have kids told us that she did really well, and we didn’t need to apologize.  Whew!

Due to the recent outbreak of swine flu (H1N1 virus), we brought disinfectant wipes and anti-bacterial lotion, and we kept our hands, bags, and the stroller as clean as possible.  We changed her diaper on the tray at the seat, so we also kept that clean with the wipes.  It worked, and we all stayed healthy.

Our next trip is in October, to Seattle.  We did pretty well on this trip, but what suggestions do you have for our next one?


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