Posted by: Krys | April 22, 2009

Rate My Space

We’re so proud of E’s nursery, I’ve put it on HGTV’s Rate My Space website.  It’s getting rated pretty high, so far.   One person scored it really low, but didn’t leave a comment, so I’m guessing that person is just mean.

Aside from the one meanie, we’re getting good feedback so far.  I’d be interested in hearing any constructive comments, too, though!  Can we be using space better?  What suggestions do experienced parents have?



  1. […] Original post by Krys Slovacek […]

  2. I came here from the Rate My Space website. I am expecting my little one to come in June. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Good job on Baby E’s nursery –it looks so organized (I’m secretly a little jealous). I’m still working on ours –safari themed though and quite a ways from the finished product. Like I said before, it was a joy reading through your thoughts as a new mom. I know I can’t wait! Best wishes.

  3. There’s always gotta be one stupid person. Thankfully, for once, it wasn’t me!!!!

    Congrats on the Rate my Space stuff. That’s pretty cool.

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