Posted by: Krys | April 16, 2009

Weekly Household Chores

I have never been a particularly good homemaker.  I have always focused on my career much moreso than my home.  Because of this, my home has never looked particularly tidy, nor has it ever been very clean.

Last year, my husband and I decluttered enough to hire an outside cleaning service to come once every two weeks.  That was delightful.  And expensive.

Once I got the nesting bug, it also became unnecessary.  I began cleaning things after the cleaners had been here!  Not an activity that would have occurred to me before becoming pregnant.

I decided to take advantage of my newfound desire to keep a clean house, and I drew up a weekly chore list plan.

  • Monday – Pay Bills & File
  • Tuesday – Kitchen & Baths (Counters, Sinks, Mirrors, Tubs, Toilets)
  • Wednesday – Water & Dust Plants (gotta keep their leaves from getting dusty, or they start to wither)
    Transfer CDs to Computer (I have hundreds of discs I’m trying to purge, so I’m slowly moving them all to the computer)
  • Thursday – Garbage Day (empty diaper pail and litter box, and clean out fridge and pantry)
  • Friday – No chores!
  • Saturday – Meal Planning for the week & Grocery Shopping
  • Sunday – Vacuum & Dust

In addition to these chores, I have a short list of things I do each day: dishes, quick tidy-up in main rooms (living room, kitchen, master bedroom, master bath, nursery), and a quickie wipe down of sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen.  Just keeps things looking nice and shiny.

When E arrived, this chore list went by the wayside, but now that she’s a month old, we’re getting back on track.  It’s working pretty well, too!

What do you do to keep your house looking good?



  1. What do we do? Three things… prayer, Goodwill, and a blowtorch.

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