Posted by: Krys | April 4, 2009

Sleep! Precious sleep!

E is a good sleeper.  As long as we’re holding her.  Otherwise, she does not rest.  It’s amazing.  So, despite knowing that she could DIE because of it, we keep her in bed with us at night.  I feed her as often as she wants to be fed during the course of any night (which is pretty close to every 5 hours), and she sleeps like an angel the rest of the night.

We’ve tried having her sleep in her crib – no dice.  We’ve tried having her sleep in the pack-n-play – no luck.  We’ve even brought in a bassinette for her to sleep in – no thanks, said E.  “Right next to Mom is where I want to be!”

Sleeping E

Sleeping E

So, she’s in bed with us.  My hubby is terrified of rolling over her, so we keep her away from him.  I keep her next to me, since I don’t move at night.  It’s nice having her so close, but really, I’d love for her to sleep in her own space.  We’d both be much more comfortable with her at least in the bassinette.

SO, who has some advice for us?  What have you done?  I thought I’d try the cry-it-out method, but I simply haven’t been able to stand more than 30 seconds of her crying before I want to solve her problems.  I just feel too bad about her crying.  Any other advice?  Cry-it-out is our absolute last resort.



  1. She’ll outgrow it but for now just enjoy letting her sleep with you. We let our little E sleep with us when she first came home. We kept trying the bed though every time but it’s okay to co-sleep too.

  2. hiya Kris!! i have to say we had the same probs!! although flossie was feeding much more often – more like every 2/3 hours! She had to sleep on my chest so i couldnt move at all!! it was very lovely to be so close, but i didnt get any sleep! i dont think we tried the cry-it-out method till she was about 4 mths old….and i think i cried more than she did! i must say though it is worth being a little tough as she goes to bed like a dream now! hold on in there – it will all work out!! love to all x ps here in the uk you can buy special sleepy things that go in your bed which baby sleeps in – it has little sides on to protect baby if you roll in their direction!? might be woth looking at if your at your wits end! x x L x x

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