Posted by: Krys | March 31, 2009

Organizing the Nursery – part 1

So, before the baby was born, we gave organizing the nursery our best shot.  I’ll post again after E’s been here a while (she was born a couple weeks ago), to show what we’ve changed after some experience.

Here are some pics of what we did to organize, along with a bit of explanation.


Nursery Closet

Nursery Closet

In the closet, clothes in larger sizes and extra baby bath towels are stored in the clear boxes up top.  Footed sleepers, elastic bottom sleepers, sleep sacks, and “fancy” outfits in the current size hang on the top bar.  On the middle shelf, a mini diaper bag waits for the day we don’t need 1,000,000 things just to leave the house.  Next to that, a bin full of toys and a bin of extra supplies for the changing table (wipes, lotions, etc.).  On the floor are two laundry baskets.  One for clothes to be cleaned, and the other for clothes that are too small.  Dangling above the blue basket is a lingerie bag, for socks and other small items that would otherwise get lost in the wash.

Changing Station

Changing Table

Changing Table

On top of the changing table, we have a toy that the baby will be able to play with to keep her occupied.  On the first shelf, there are blankets for swaddling in one basket, and extra diapers and changing pads in the other basket.  On the bottom shelf are two baskets filled with extra diaper bag supplies (ziploc bags for messy clothing, travel size wipes and other goodies).

Changing Supplies

Changing Supplies

On top of the dresser are the changing staples – diapers, rubbing alcohol, vaseline, q-tips, and diaper cream.  Hanging on the side of the dresser is a clipboard with forms for tracking diaper changes.  On the floor is the Diaper Genie.

Feeding (Glider)

Feeding Station

Feeding Station

This area has been set up for breastfeeding.  A glider, footstool, side table, Boppy and a clipboard with a form for tracking feedings (time, length, side, etc.).


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